Khun Kao's MT Skills Checklist

The following is listed at the request of a couple of people.

I want everyone to understand that this CHECKLIST is a WORK IN PROGRESS. It is not yet complete, and quite frankly, may NEVER be complete, as I continue to add and subtract from it as I continue to learn myself.

Khun Kao



1. Wai Kru/Ram Muay (3 Ram Muays: SuriyaSak variations, NahrkraDohm, and "Lady Boy")

2. Prefight Customs & Rituals

3. Taboo's


1. Hand Wrapping

2. Basic Stance/s & Variations


1. Rotating

2. Stepping

3. Skipping



1. Jab

2. Cross

3. Overhand Right

4. Close Range Uppercut

5. Soi Dow (Long Range Uppercut)

6. Close Range Hook

7. Long Range Hook

8. Hook Punch with Forearm/Wrist/Heel of Hand

9. Inverted Hook

10. Shovel Punch

11. Backfist

12. Spinning Backfist


1. Cutting Elbows

2. Crushing Elbows

3. Horizontal Elbow

4. Inverted Elbow

5. Uppercut Elbow

6. Axe Elbow

7. Double Axe Elbow

8. Backwards Spike Elbow

9. Returning Horizontal Elbow

10. Returning Inverted Elbow

11. Spinning Horizontal Elbow

12. Spinning Vertical (Axe) Elbow

13. Slip-n-Spin Elbow

14. Forward Spike Elbow

15. Master K's Inverted Forward Spike Elbow


1. Forward Straight Knee

2. Upward Straight Knee

3. Curve Knee

4. Clinching Forward Straight Knee

5. Clinching Upward Straight Knee

6. Clinching Curve Knee

7. Clinching Side Knee

8. Jumping Scissor Knee

9. Flying Knee


1. Skipping Push Kick

2. Standing Push Kick

3. Side Step Push Kick

4. Use of different striking surfaces (ball of foot, blade of foot, entire foot, heel... etc)

5. Paintbrush Push Kick

6. Jumping Push Kick



1. Rising

2. Horizontal

3. Rising-Horizontal

4. Downwards

5. Bent-Legged (half knee/half kick)


1. Submarine/Soccer/Cut Kick

2. Jumping Roundhouse Kick

3. Jumping Upwards Snapping Kick

4. Lazy Ankle/Flipper Foot Kicks to back of opponents head

5. Crocodile Tail Kick

6. Crescent Kicks

7. Lead-Leg Switch Kick



1. Parrying

2. Catching

3. Forearm/Elbow Block vs. Straight Punches

4. Fan Block vs. Hook

5. Elbow Block vs. Uppercuts and punches to body

6. Slipping

7. Sitting/Bobbing/Ducking

8. Push Kick vs. Straight Punches*

9. Round Kick vs. Punches*

10. Elbow vs. Punches*

11. Knee vs. Punches*

12. Smother & Clinch vs. Punches

13. Stop Hits to Opponents Shoulder

14. Forehead/Headbutt vs. Punches

*denotes MULTIPLE variations!


1. Tight Peek-a-Boo Cover

2. Reaching Guard Block

3. Lean/Fade Away or Slipping

4. Pushing Opponent Away

5. Stop Hits to Shoulder

6. Counter Elbows*


(See Clinchwork)


1. Skipping Back with Strike

2. Side Step

3. Pendulum Block

4. Knock Aside Block

5. Submarine Kick Counter

6. Catch & Counter


1. Knee Shield

2. Double Arm Block

3. Double Arm Block & Knee Shield

4. Push Kick Counter

5. Submarine Kick Counter

6. Low Roundhouse Counter (outside of thigh)

7. High Roundhouse Counter

8. Straight Punch Counter

9. Underhook Trap & Counter

10. Under Scoop Trap & Counter

11. Skipping Backwards

12. Side Step

13. Lean Away


1. Entering the Clinch with Strikes

2. Clinching Opponents Guard

3. Getting Dressed/Swimming/Pummeling

4. Head/Neck Control Position

5. Underhooking Opponents Body

6. Double Guillotine Arm Trap

7. Sideways Neck Control (arm reaching back deep)

8. Side Arm Trap Position

9. Crowbar Escape/s (x3)

10. Forearm/Elbow to Throat or Face Escape

11. Double Hand Push to Hips

12. Elbow Escape

13. Double Elbow Block

14. Walking with Knees

15. Knee Escape

16. Turning/Flipping Opponent

17. Belly-to-Belly 'Suplex' Throw

18. Swing-Around Throw

19. Forearm Strikes to Escape Clinch

20. Double Hand Push to Shoulders


1. Double Jab

2. Jab-Cross

3. Jab-Hook

4. Jab-Cross-Hook

5. Jab-Cross-Hook-Uppercut (or Uppercut-Hook)

6. Hook-Cross-Hook

7. Uppercut-Hook (same side)

8. Jab-Uppercut-Hook-Cross

9. Uppercut-Cross (same side)

10. Jab-Elbow

11. Jab-Cross-Elbow

12. Push Kick-Cross (Push Kick-Jab-Cross)

13. Push Kick-Knee

14. Push Kick-Round Kick

15. Push Kick-Round Kick-Knee

16. Jab-Knee

17. Cross-step Jab-Knee

18. Jab-Round Kick (submarine kick)

19. Cross-step Jab-Roundhouse

20. Jab-Cross-Roundhouse (and variations)

21. Jab-Cross-Knee

22. Lead Roundhouse-Cross

23. Roundhouse Kick-Hook (same side)

24. Round Kick-(skip back)-Push Kick

25. Double (& Triple) Round Kicks

26. Straight Knee-Elbow

27. Straight Knee-Skipping Round Kick


1. 12 Step Combo

2. 13 Elbow Combo

3. 10-20-10's

4. Circular Footwork Drill

5. Proper Pad Holding

6. 65!

Well, thats it for now. It isn't totally complete. There are some techniques whos name or description I have to clean up. There are many, many missing techniques. There are many more combinations than what is listed. I haven't even listed ANY advanced combo's except the 12 & 13 step combo's.

There is actually one technique listed above which I have forgotten. Not that I've forgotten the technique, but I've forgotten what I meant when I originally compiled this list. I will have to stew over it.... LOL

Khun Kao

Do you put priority on certain techniques?

I'm a big believer in basics--drilled over and over. Generally I try and discourage any flashiness, so we don't really spend much time on lots of different elbows, the crocodile tail kick, etc.--just lots of sparring and drills with the teep and round kick variations, boxing, and clinch work.

Also, do you find the combos with 4+ moves to be effective for anything else than conditioning?


Iceberg Slim....

The priortity techniques....





Horizontal Elbow

Inverted Elbow

Elbow Spikes

Return Elbow Strikes (Horizontal and Inverted)

Axe Elbows

Uppercut Elbows

Straight Knee

Curve Knee

Side Knee

Push Kick

Side Step Push Kick

Rising Roundhouse Kick

Horizontal Roundhouse Kick

Downwards Roundhouse Kick

"Rainbow" Roundhouse Kick

The above techniques I drill over and over and over and over with my students and fighters. Overall, I stick with the basics and merely encourage students that after they are comfortable with the bare-bones basics, to begin to experiment with the countless variations within the Muay Thai arsenal.

Stuff like "Choraked Fan Hang" (Crocodile Tail Kick) are things that I actually never teach personally. I was never taught to use them in the Muay Thai ring, though I do "know" the technique well enough to demonstrate it if I had to.

I rarely use techniques like the Backfist and Snapping Kicks in Muay Thai, because they just don't translate that well to the confines of the ring.

I try to make if VERY CLEAR to my students and fighters... I teach Muay Thai FOR THE RING ONLY! Our other instructors do teach a little Muay Thai application for outside of the ring (Muay Thai Boran, Mae Muay Thai, and Muay Chao Cher) but our emphasis is on the sport, not self defense.

Khun Kao

thanks for the "brain dump"!

I'll read them all THEN ask you about the ones I don't understand!

10-20-10's Thai Pad Drill:

10 Lead Leg Roundhouse Kicks (in quick succession)

20 Clinching Straight Knees (alternating)

10 Rear Leg Roundhouse Kicks (in quick succession)

The idea is to do this drill HARD & FAST!!! I like to throw this drill in as a "burnout" drill at the end of class. Its a killer!!!


They are hopping squats. Master K chose 65 as the number everyone should do at the end of practice because 65 is the average age where people retire from work. We just took to calling the drill "sixty-fives".

Khun Kao

lol Brooks we are far too much alike.

Send me your email and I will show you what I mean.

When you have the time,thanks.