Kick / Thai Boxing Padwork Drill

A nice flow drill you can work on any of the pads. It's not my own video but Dave and Steve are great guys and it's a nice combination to improve your striking.

More quality videos in the replies too!

bump :)

Posted this in the middle of the great UG disruption of mid may 2014.

Smash it to pieces Pitbull!!

thanks Ninja! been a while since ive seen you post, good to hear from you. Phone Post

Thanks Lee & VTFU.. Always enjoy your posts


Cheers mate! Been quite busy, and this week was my birthday! The shadow boxing is my most recent video, will be filming plenty more drills etc this month.

Until I get new stuff there's lots to share from my old school, all quality training.

Thanks too Rick!

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Dope for Danthewolfman's so called better instructional Thai Pad workout. Phone Post 3.0

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Always grateful for the positive replies! This clip was an out take warming up for a promotional video, but you can see the combo quite well so it got uploaded anyway! Me padding for Dave Breed.

Peeps, let me ask you, would you prefer several threads where I post multiple videos, or a thread for each video? Pros and cons both ways!

DanTheWolfman - Last Vid is alright, cheers,


Alright; he says.

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I'll take an alright when I've been called much worse! :P

Here's some more padwork with Dave, this time with my good buddy Murat Polat. Mixed striking and combos training for a bout a few years back.

Can you use some bigger gloves next time please?

Just kidding looks like a good combo I'm going to try this, thanks. Phone Post 3.0

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