Kickboxing Card in Winnipeg

The CKMTC show was a total success.

Props to Team Tompkins, the came and brought a lot of natural talent and skills. The Tompkins team was very, very, very impressive. (Sam Stout lost a very close decision to Joe-z, as well Alex Gasson showed how to win with style and class.)

Hats off to Giuseppe Denatale and Dave Horvath for putting on a first rate show. Everything was seamless and well done.

Duke Rufus and his crew where in attendance... The guy is an encyclopedia of knowledge and a monster when pushing people on tai pads. Joe Doerksen and Lance Cartwright helped warm the fighters up.
After the fights, all the fighters, coaches, guests, ring girls (hot) and fans (some hot) all hung out after. Even Bas Rutten... was present via phone line.

The next CKMTC fights are scheduled for late October or early November, hope to see the rest of Canada present.

Cheers, to all the competitors, fans, and a night of great fights.
Thanks to CKMTC for bringing a little bit of K-1 to Winnipeg.

After the fights everyone got Bas'ed. (Wrecked)

Jerin Valel

ttt for the Tompkins guys !