Kickboxing Classic: Holland vs Japan (1981)

Holland vs Japan event is a part of Dutch kickboxing history, the fights on the fifth of March 1981. Milo El Geubli fights Sok-Ti Hour from France for the Dutch title. Peter van Os a rematch with Nick Bloemberg. Lucien Carbin and Osumu Inabast open up the international match ups. Andre Brilleman fights legendary Kioiji Saito. The last fight is Rob Kaman versus Takayuki Morimoto.


W.K.A. Kickboxing: Holland vs Japan

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sports Hall Zuid

March 5,1981


Milo El Geubli vs Sok-Ti Hour (-53kg Dutch Title)

Peter van Os vs Nick Bloemberg.

Lucien Carbin vs Osumu Inaba.

Andre Brillemanv s Kioiji Saito

Rob Kaman vs Takayuki Morimoto.

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