Kickboxing Fighter Comparison

First post, so be gentle...

I'm 6'2, 210-215 and training out of a well respected camp. I'm looking to fight at about 190 lbs. I've been grappling for almost 7 years now, but just starting to take striking seriously as of a few months ago. Long story short, I'm looking to make my kickboxing debut early next year.

In addition to the measurements, my build is not ideally suited for striking, in my opinion. I'm essentially all legs. I have a decently long leg reach (never officially measured) but a short arm reach for my height (72.5").

The point of this post is to ask those of you who are probably more knowledgeable than myself for examples of some kickboxers and MMA fighters who are built similar to myself (tall, thick, short arms, long legs, etc.) and utilize that frame well when striking. Looking for some guys to watch on Youtube or Fight Pass or something and trying to pick up some techniques to work on and skills to emulate.

Thanks for your help guys and girls, it is much appreciated.