Kickboxing for kids class

I always said that I wasn't going to whore myself out and do kids' classes but after being constantly hounded by calls from parents I am going to start doing a kids class in the summer for two nights a week.The problem is that I have never trained kids before and I am looking for any advice at all that you can give me.I want to make this interesting for the kids and keep them attentive but learning at the same time,I don't just want to be a cheap babysitter for two nights a week.Any help at all would be appreciated


I have a killer kids program, and it is great... contact me if you need any help with yours. Team Queast uses our progrsm with s lot of success too.

Believe it or not, you are going to end up loving working with the kids. You will be amazed at they way they can respond to some positive reinforcment and being pushed a little.


Bro, it's not "whoring" yourself out. If it's exciting for them, active, and keeps their attention, not to mention teaches them effective self defense, then what's wrong with it? I'll bet you find it more fulfilling than teaching adults at times.

If your not a scammer, then I guarantee you will feel good about yourself when the day is done-unless you just plain hate kids.

When I instructed children, I found it more demanding than training teens/adults..but I also found myself having a damn good time teaching them.

I never wanted to be one of those guys that caterred to teh masses and taught a waterred down version for kids.I enjoy training people that are wanting to compete in mma or at least physically themselves as much as they can.

I train in an environment where we go all out in our training and someone usually at least walks out with a blackeye from sparring.

I feel a lot of schools when they teach to kids lose focus of what their curriculum really is to cater to the children.I never wanted to be associated with a McDojo and these are the places in this area that have kids classes.

I'm curious how I am going to teach a class where we don't start class with 50 pushups,100 standing squats,200 kicks on the bag and a round of shin checking.Teaching to kids is something entirely new to me and you may be right,I may end up not having the patience for it.But I'm willing to give it a try,I just don't know what I'm doing yet

Pitmaster,you have mail

Well, you can still do most of that stuff, but you just have to do less of it for the kids. Variety is key too--you really have to keep things moving and keep them interested in the program.

As a Thai coach, I would say that the 200 kicks and shin checking is overkill anyway. You will not find anyone at a legit Thai gym doing that, nor at a Thai camp. Most Thais don't spar as hard as you do either, and they do just fine in competition. I guess my point is that "harder" is not necessarily "better", especially when kids are concerned.

However, I can guarantee you will be amazed at how fast some kids pick this stuff up. Don't be afraid to challenge them and push their limits--most kids I've taught thrive on this.

The key with kids is they have short attention spans.