Kickboxing In Chicago Results

Ladies and gentleman, for the fighter of the night I would like to introduce Lorenzo "The Jackyl" Giancola. Damn dude came out to fight and did just that. Took the Amateur North American champ and used him for TP, good work Lorenzo.
Second fighter of the night, we have Chris "The Polish Hammer" Horodecki. I dont know, but if I was 30+ yrs and got beat by a 16 yr old boy, Id be pretty pissed. The Hammer got right up in his opponents face from the beginning and unleashed a barrage pain that the judges scored the 3 rounder all for Chris. Good Work Buddy.
"BB2" Brian Machechern was scheduled for a 3 round middleweight bout but was dissapointed when his opponent never showed. But to his dismay, he got to do 3 rounds exhibition with yours truly to keep the show goin, good work brother, thanx for helpin me lose that weight.
As for tomorrow, Its a 9 round Super-Middleweight North American Title Im going to bring back home. Team Tompkins is coming home undefeated this weekend, cant you hear us coming?

pecker you motherfucker I wish I could have gone, make sure you just say NO until after your fight, keep party boy under control!...T.

And now, fighting out of the red corner, the new light middle weight, North American champion!!! ALEX "PECKER" GASSON!!!!!

Another awesome, winning weekend, with the one and only TEAM TOMPKINS!!!!!

Congrats guys!!! well deserved

YEAH !!!!

Alex is alot like me.

That pecker hits HARD !!!