Kickboxing in Greater NYC Area

My girlfriend is very interested in getting into Kickboxing in the greater NYC Area. She lives in the Bronx and works in Manahattan. If any of you have any suggestions we would aprreciate it. Thanks in advance.

Renzo Gracie's Academy & 5 Points Fitness are in Manhatten.

Borodin's is in Brooklyn

Extreme's is in Queens

NYKK is in Manhatten (San Shou, not Muay Thai)

There are plenty more, but thats all thats coming to mind right now.....

Oh, and Church Street Boxing, too

Great thanks. Anymore? I appreciate it!

Yeah, K still teaches at Renzo's. I did forget to mention Kru Phil Nurse's "The Wat".

Where is Renzo's exactly? Is that in Manhatten?

Great thanks anything else you can think of will help us but I will give here those leads.

i believe there is muay Thai in the Bronx - check out

3 nights a week MWF.

Ok I will check out that link and forward it to her.


New Year brings new vision in martial arts training

“Fit 2 Fight” and “San Da Training Systems”

New York, NY – For more than 25 years Steve Ventura and David A Ross have represented one of the most unique partnerships in the martial arts community. Two of the senior students of the late Master Chan Tai-San, Ventura and Ross have not only continued his legacy, they have expanded it. The NYKK Gym grew to become one of the largest martial arts schools in the US and also one of the most successful fighting programs in the country. Their combined efforts have so far produced two world champions and over 16 national title holders in addition to numerous successful athletes in San Da, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing, Grappling and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). The “NYKK Monkies” fighting team is also one of the largest in the country.

        The team of Ventura and Ross has also been at the forefront of promoting San Da in the US. The longest established San Da promoters in the country, the first promoters to introduce professional matches, and the brain trust behind “King of San Da USA”, they helped take the sport mainstream with events like the “New York Showdown” and the World San Da Championships organized in co-operation with Paul Rosner’s USKBA.<P>

        In 2005, the evolution continues. The central headquarters is being expanded and a new facility is being opened in Northern New Jersey. Ventura and Ross will then introduce not one, but two newly updated martial arts programs in their facilities; “Fit 2 Fight” and “San Da Training Systems”. <P>

        “Fit 2 Fight” can serve either as an introduction to those without previous experience or stand alone as a solo program offering all the health benefits of martial arts training without the contact element. “Fit 2 Fight” is cutting edge fitness training, combining the benefits of kickboxing (both the cardio-vascular conditioning of the movement and the anaerobic impact of heavy bag and pad training) with body sculpting resistance training, nutritional guidance and positive reinforcement and support. “Fit 2 Fight” offers benefits that no other fitness program can, resisting the temptations of “fad exercise” and relying on scientific and proven methods.<p>

        <a href=>“San Da Training Systems” (</a> is a complete martial arts approach offering fitness, physical education, self-discipline and self-defense. While a rigorous contact based program, “San Da Training Systems” is suitable for both men and women regardless of any previous martial arts experience or current physical condition. “San Da Training Systems” offers a complete curriculum subdivided into San Da kickboxing, clinch fighting, ground fighting (MMA) and Street Self-Defense. For those who want to learn real martial arts, including its practical self-defense applications, “San Da Training Systems” offers an adult, no nonsense program, which Ventura and Ross have proven over the last 15 years to produce consistent, appreciable results. <P>

        Effective January 2005, both “Fit 2 Fight” and “San Da Training Systems” will be instituted full time, easing the “NYKK” name into retirement except for the full time competitive fighting program, which will remain the “NYKK Monkies”.<P>

336 W 37th Street, 5th floor

New York, NY 10018

212 239 8619