Kickboxing in/near Costa Mesa?

I've trained for a while in BJJ and a bit of kickboxing when i was away at school.

now, because of work and studying for the CPA exam, i hardly have any time to train and would like to train thaiboxing 2 times a week only (nights).

the closer to costa mesa, the better. also, i want to avoid having to pay a full membership, since two nights is as much as i can make. I'm also open to the idea of privates.


oh yea, anyone heard of

i might give them a try.

I know Chris Brennan/Next Generation had a gym in the Lake Forest/Irvine area.. not too far from CM. They may have moved, but it's worth a look. (I think he offers some type of MT or KB classes.)

A friend of mine just started training at OC Kickboxing. He said Danny Sullivan teaches the higher "Phases", and someone else teaches the beginning "phase". My buddy seems to like it, but he's brand new to this. The structure seems different that a "traditional" Muay Thai school, but...I guess you should check it out.

Ummmm, I'm kind of out of the Kickboxing scene, but I think Westminster Boxing Club still has Kickboxing. I fought there a few time, and they seem to have a good program.

On Newport Blvd in Costa Mesa, CA

Brennan's place has moved to the Temecula area (FAR AWAY!) check out this also

We train traditional Muay Thai here in Costa Mesa every night

cheak out no limits it is in irvine off the 405 its huge

I trained over at OC Kickboxing for about 3 years and loved it, one of the Best stand up places that I have trained at, back then they had just started there Jui-Jitsu class's with Clebber L. Are they still doing all the Seminars over there?

Since we are on the topic of Costa Mesa, does anyone know if Todd Medina still has his Freestyle school there, if so can you please get me his schools address or web page address, I have looked everywhere on here and the internet and cannot seem to find anything
Thanks alot

todd medina is at met rx gym on 17th near newport blvd.

Thanks Abe, that was the info I need

where eric? We've got fight night on Sat night at LA Boxing.