Kickboxing Is BACK!! GLORY's 16 man-tourney

Pumped to see big-time kickboxing back since the demise of K-1.

Glory World Series is truly bringing it with their 16-man tourney in Tokyo - Bonjasky, Schilt, Kharitonov, Aerts, LeBanner, Zimmerman all announced today

Sounds oldschool...sweet. Phone Post

When is this?? Phone Post

Badr Hari is gonna break out of jail just to compete in this. I can't wait!

It's in December, but exact date hasn't been announced yet:

That webpage has the full list of confirmed fighters for the tourney

Hope we get to see this in the US

Fucking awesome! Phone Post

This just made my shitty day.
Love seeing some old school beasts put on a show. Phone Post

The good ol' days of stand up fighting are back again!

Cool as fuck, but I hope they add Ghita! Phone Post

Word Phone Post

Cro Cop isn't in it - yet. There are still 3 spots open in the tournament

allforroy - 

Cool as fuck, but I hope they add Ghita! Phone Post

this. great news overall. also hari and overeem would make solid (extreme longshot) additions lol

The addition of Ghita, Hari, and Crocop would make my day. Phone Post

Fuck no Badr .. jeez

 Free Badr for this event!