Kickboxing lineup for FFIII dec 19

Fast and the fearless kickboxing updated: Main event will be the welterweight title Nelson Morales vs Scott Mukadam in a rematch from xtreme challenge(believe me this 2 guys dont like each other) Kedric Umaa vs Jim Abrille:midleweight title.
Criss Stolzman vs Jason Warren:cruiserweight title....

Eric Morel(Puerto Rico) vs Adrian de Antoni(Argentina)

Luiz Nazario(Puerto Rico) vs Boris Ibanez(Bolivia) This are the main events kickboxing fights!!!plus:

Criss newton vs Brent Carraray

Helen Hayes vs Natalie Uribe(female fight)

Billy Bob vs Pop Posanakul

Andrew Morrison vs Dave Borregio

Richard Thomas vs Ceasar Marnarelis

Marcio Gomez vs Jans Canko

More info coming soon about the AFTER PARTY!!it will be at SENOR FROGS/616 collins ave.Miami beach with V.I.P for the fighters and trainers.Main room and patio diferent music untill 5am and as a special treat for the fast and the fearless event, the kitchen will be open that night until 2am so we eat and party after the event!!!only $5 dollars with the after party promo flyer and a free shot!!!!!be there..