Kickboxing organizations?

I'm sure liek most sports that there are thousands of them but can someone give me a list of kickboxing organizations out there?

The only ones I know off of the top of my head are IKF,USMTF and ISKA but I know there are a lot more out there

If you are on the East Coast, USKBA

If you are on West Coast, IKF

There is WKA, but personally I don't like them.ISKA is a "story", a long oneThere are still a thousand more ABC organizations, but these four are really the only ones worth considering in that they are actually organizations with different events....

My experience with the WKA has been positive, thusfar, but other than that, lkfmdc and I agree. Those listed above: IKF, ISKA, USKBA, and WKA are the big four.

There is also the UWMTA, but I don't know how big they are. They seem to be more of a West Coast thing. The IKF seems to have a strong following in the mid-west as well.

There is also the USMTA, which from what I hear is beginning to get back into promoting fights again.

We have the IKF in the midwest but they do more of the sport TaeKwonDo style of kickboxing than muay thai or international rules.That could be the fault of the promoter though but most of the IKF events I have been to do not allow leg kicks

I have some guys that I am wanting to get some matches for and I was just curious what option there are out there.

I have had negative experiences with the IKF so far and was looking for other options.But then again that could've been the promoter's fault as well

You are right about the IKF heavily favoring FCR kickboxing. They do very little to promote muay Thai or San Shou. It's not just the promoters, but the organization itself. They live for full contact. Just look at the events list. Off of the top of my head, the only people regularly promoting muay Thai through them are Sakesem's Kunpoli group in Utah.

UWMTA seems to start by getting people to attend Vut's camp, then after getting his certification, you become a member gym and then can promote fights through him. I've been to 2 which were not as traditional as I'd hoped for, but that may be a result of not having Vut personally attend the events. No tradition, music, wai kru, etc.

I'd rate them as follows:

++ WKA
Can't evaluate ISKA

I've fought for ikf,had good and bad experiences,I think it's more the promoters fault then the organization.I've fought for USKO,which is crap,I've fought for KICKS which was good.I just moved to chicago from Bettendorf and I might fight through the shidoken guys at CfC,I don't know who sponsers them though.

ISKA, USKBA, and WKA are all good organizations.

I agree-

miller this is Lally in Az we are having some kickboxing fights july 10th, I have talked with mark, I would love a list of you fighters.

Fight Sports Entertainment, the parent company of Ancona's Gym will be hosting an all new Muay Thai kickboxing fighting event in Louisiana called "Champions- A Muay Thai Challenge". The first event will consist or two 4-man tournaments which will be in the welterweight & middleweight divisions and the matchmaker for the event will be Chris Sasek of Kinetic Muay Thai who will also be moving to New Orleans, La. to live and train here with us on May 16th. We will also host several other amateur bouts. Championship Belts will be geiven to the winners of each division in addition to the prize money. We are now accepting applicants for this event which will be held at "The Metro Entertainment Complex" in the city of New Orleans,La. in June. Please contact us at 504-888-6451 or e-mail us at or simply leaves us your e-mail to contact you on this thread!!!