Kickboxing Schools in MA

Hello, I live just South of Boston and was hoping anyone could refer me to a good school that only focuses on kickboxing. Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Sityodtong Muay Thai in Somerville is your only logical choice.

See you there.

what kind of training do they offer. I am realtively out shape at this point and time. I come from a Krav Maga / street fighting style. Thanks.

laabtop -

I'm a student at Sityodtong and I love it there.

Sityodtong offers everything - muay thai, grappling, boxing, etc. - but without a doubt offers the best Muay Thai training around. Kruu Mark Dellagrotte owns and runs the place and integrates traditional Thai boxing with elements from the slightly different Dutch style.

Mark and his instructors (Iceberg Slim above is one of the instructors under Mark) are personally involved in all classes, which consist of stretching, brief cardio warm-up, and then on to technique, technique, technique done the right way. Beginner classes will teach you Muay Thai the right way and get you into better shape.

You can also buy all of your gear there and the prices for classes, etc. is very reasonable.

Go to for details RE: location and phone number. Stop by and try it out...

just to agree with the above ...

Mark is the man. Not only is he a great martial artist but he is also a great instructor and motivator. He offers BJJ boxing and Muay Thai. The great thing is is the he knows he cannot be an expert in everything so he bring in other instructors to teach some of the "special" classes.


Best Muay Thai training you'll find in Boston. Hell,
some of the best training you'll find ANYWHERE.

I'm also interested in going to Sityodtong. Is the schedule still pretty much the same as it says on the website?

It says:
Mon: 6-7 Beg Muay Thai
Tue: 6-7 BJJ 7-8 Open mat (I'm guessing BJJ people just stay to spar more?)
Wed: 6-7 Boxing
Thu: 6-7 BJJ 7-8 Open
Fri: 6-7 Beg Muay Thai

Also, who teaches the BJJ there?

Thanks for the info.


yeah, that's the right schedule. there are lots of other classes like JKD and even kali as well.

the BJJ has been taught by Mat Santos for the most part. Mat is really more of an overall "submission grappler". for example, he seems to know quite a few leglock / legbar techniques which IMO BJJ maybe lacking a bit (my feeling based on limited grappling training is that BJJ emphasizes armlock / armbar / choke techniques). Mat also will teach effective takedowns, positioning, etc. from wrestling. I believe Mat has beaten BJJ black belts several times in the past. We also have proficient grapplers stop by from Boston BJJ as well. I haven't kept up so much with the grappling but if things have changed it will only be for the better.

just stop by, try a class.

Yeah I know who Mat is, and I'm definitely gonna check the place out. The only thing is that I leave school in two weeks (end of term), so I won't be in Boston to train for half of the month if I signed up now. I think I'll just wait until I start again in January so I can get a whole month worth of training since I'm not the richest of students, lol.

Thanks for your help.

Sityodtong DeeMak!

Mark is a great guy & has lived, trained, fought, & taught Muay Thai.

I highly recommend him if you are in the area!