I have been kickboxing about 2 years and bjj'ing for about 5. recently, I've started having muscle issues in my hip region and have developed a sciatica. my flexors have always fatigued quickly & now the muscle that controls outward rotation of the leg (on the outside of the hip/butt) seems to be the culprit for the sciatica. does anyone have stretches that can help loosen flexors/outside rotators & excercises that can strengthen them?


You have to remember that the seeming culprit is most likely not the actual culprit. The reason the muscles on the outside of your hip/butt are probably acting up is because they are over-compensating for a weakness somewhere else in your legs or hips.

Without knowing which exact muscles you're talking about I'm not going to be able to recommend proper stretches, but I can tell you that you should start closely examining your training routine. The best way to avoid these types of problems is to make sure your workouts include opposite motions.

If you run forwards, run backwards.

If you do pressing exercises, do pulling exercises to compensate.

If you are kicking forwards or sideways, kick in the opposite directions as well.

This keeps your body's muscle structure balanced so that you're not overworking any one muscle group, while neglecting another part. This is why many runners commonly have super, super tight hamstrings. They run forwards constantly, which builds up the backs of their legs (hamstrings and calves) while doing very little for the front. The hams and calves then have to assume the burden for the front of your legs, and then the problems start.

Hope this helps you get pointed in the right direction.....


Dude, you do not necessarily have a herniated disc. Most likely, you have piriformis syndrome which is a result of overusing the hip muscles. The piriformis muscle is located deep within the glutes and causes pressure against the sciatic nerve and seems like sciatica.

email me and I'll send you a file that I have on sciatica and piriformis syndrome related stretches.

If you are kicking a lot, it may be inflammation of the SI ligaments. I ran into this problem as well and found that abduction and adduction exercises helped correct inbalances and lessen the tension on the joints. Piriformis tightness is likely a major influence as well. Rest and sit on an ice-pack! Overstretching may make the problem worse so take care. That's my .02 - good luck.

when you say SI ligaments, what exactly do you mean? also, what excercises are you referring to? I assume where you lay on your side and do some kind of lateral leg lift.


It could be something as simple as weak lower back muscles.

Also Khun Kao has some good suggestions there.