Kicking downed opponent- CAGE

D.O.G. "Destruction of Octagon Gear" will be the first Japanese mma org to use a cage in fights. Kicking a downed opponent will be legal! If you like less rules and more striking it's definitely a good thing, but you just have to wonder if it's too dangerous? It'll definitely add a whole new aspect to mma especially in regards to defense.

Oh yeah.. don't ask about the name.. I dont know either.

article found here:

Too damned dangerous, imo.

I think it'll be fine, as long as the refs know what they're doing and stop it on-time if someone is getting stomped against the cage.

If they show it over here, and the card looks decent, I'll definitely give it a look.

Hopefully they will allow fighters to hold onto the cage while they attempt stomps.

A definite plus is that some ground n pound fighters might actually stand up when having their opponent against the cage and leading to more action. Not to mention, it's just more realistic to have a fighter who's pushed up against the cage escape on their own rather than waiting for the ref stand them back up. But imagine.. if a low thai kick connects cleanly when ur against the cage. Lights out!