Kicking Flexibility

I'm trying to make some major improvements in my flexibility. I use to be very flexible from years of Korean martial arts training, but it seems to have fallen off over the years. I'm still pretty flexible, but not where I want to be. Does anyone have any suggestions for making improvements? I go through a complete static stretching routine after I've worked out and my muscles are warm, but I'm wondering if this is the most efficient way. Would I benefit more from ballistic type stretches or should I stay with the static method? Thanks.

Use one or more of the following stretching methods:

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)
Active Isolated

Just like MMA you dont train in one art and like everything else in life, anything in moderation right? Well same goes here and both are need to see gains, try a good warm up then static streching then a more dynamic active strech...


What about doing the stretching routine you used to do that previously made you very flexible. It seems that if it worked before then it ought to work again.

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Thanks a lot guys. I didn't really have a stretching program back in the day. I guess my flexibility just came from kicking day in and day out.

Nowaydo, what is the difference between dynamic and ballistic?


Just start kicking again. Seems simple but it will work.

As mentioned do the Dynamic stretchs before you do your static stuff.

Jut work hard and it will come back.

PNF is great also.

I use to do PNF after my stuff with the coach.  Dynamic and static in that order after I warmed up for Gymnastics.


Thanks all!

Work on dynamic range of motion particularly.

Davies hurdle hip mobility drills awesome for inceasing your ease of throwing kicks.

thank you