Kicking when close

Hi everyone,
I've been working on trying to kick when in close. Yeah I know that when I am in close there are other options to consider, clinch, knee, elbows, punch etc.
This is just another option.

BUT during sparring, I have been experimenting on keeping hold of my partner, leaning so that I am out of punching range (especially out of the range of the right cross) and just throwing the downward round kick.(I try to whip it downwards onto his thigh, calves etc)

When I hold, I check his left shoulder with my right hand and cover up with my left. I then think, I'm gonna hack that leg as hard and as fast as I can.

Interested in hearing all your thoughts

me too..

I just watched an Aerts video and he seemed to lad a lot of high kicks froma very close range.

I also seen another guy who was very effective with low kicks, even in the clinch

I love kicking from clinch range! One of my favorite things to do is to kick to the head while in close because that is quite often the LAST thing your opponent would expect!

Khun Kao

very well said..

is there anything you do to create distance or to set it up?

"Round house kick is Close Range weapon",
That's how I always tell myself to use round house kick. A lot of my students try to throw kick from the front when they are face to fact against their partner or opponents.

First thing you have to do from there is to STEP TO THE SIDE and kick the front of thier opponent or partner. Stepping to the side and kicking the front is regarded as "Basic" form of round house kick in some camp in Thailand.

Even from clinch position, push the head to the side you are stepping to, then throw the round house kick. This works quite well and this is when I started landing head shots more and more....