Hey Scott, I was wondering if you could give us some training ideas for the lower limbs as you did for the upper limbs in fistcuffs?

Scott let me get this right, each set would be 5 mins of soft work, then 30 sec. hard work, and then 2 in half mins of soft work? Can this also be done during partner training? My group has this drill where we engage in fisticuffs fast then someone yells slow and then both partners slow down. Then one partner has three seconds to get out of a hold or commit a throw etc., before they go fast again. Does that sound like a good drill?

Also I like to say that fisticuffs has help me a lot in grappling. To be able strike all the time helps a lot to get locks and throws. My problem is getting entries in throwing, but being able to come in striking helps that and striking while on the ground has help my ground work profoundly. I would also like to say that Pavel's rapid response vidoes greatly adds to fisticuffs. It gives some more exercises for ten/rel. that go along with your series.


Thanks again.