Kicks, Kicks, Kicks: Connor, Rory, Wonderboy

Just occurred to me that this was not only one of the best UFC cards in some time but that 3 major fights over the weekend had some real interesting display of kicking:

First Rory with his front snap kick/45 degree body crescent kicks (Kikuno like) and then his high kick he eventually set up and rocked Robbie.

Then of course Connor coming out the gate and sucking Chad's gas with the front snaps and reverse spin body kicks. I believe this was the first time Connor had targetted the body like that and was very successful and draining the gas where before he mainly used them to distract and invite the counter.

Then Wonderboy comes out and tops it all with a f'in movie like reverse spinning body kick ala Barboza/Etim?

If someone could put all 3 gifs together on this thread, that'd be sick...