Kid got class man

just seen the fight with kid fighting that other wrestler.

at the end where that wrestler got hurt or nearly KO'd the ref didn't stop it and Kid could of got out of control and hurt him, instead Kid just threw baby punches waiting for the ref to stop it.

Kid just made the sport better IMO.

this is called andrenline self control and every fighter should act upon this.

Wow, he has made up for all past transgressions. (This coming from a Kid jockrider)

The normal Kid would have soccer kicked him into bolivia

Kid hasnt done the punkass shit for a while now. Some people just cant let that go, even though many fighters have done stupid shit in the past but grown up since.

what a sell out!!! j/k...Kid is the shit

Much better than when Tamura kicked 3 field goals on the helpless Minowa, and then shoved the ref for not stopping it sooner.

Good to see a thread giving Kid props for this.

Also wanted to say that the Hungarian wrestler is a tough dude. He showed pretty damn good composure for a newbie to MMA. He obviously didn't train much striking, and cowered a few times, but for the most part stood there and took the strikes well before finally giving in.

Kid is just about the worst possible matchup at lightweight for a pure wrestler just breaking into the sport.

Yeah, you could see Kid didn't want to hurt him. I felt sorry for that wrestler. He seemed like a cool kid. I think Kid was ashamed to be in there.

K-1 is a fucking joke of an organisation and need to quit MMA or start putting on some good fights. They are going to kill Sakuraba. i've never seen a worse card in my entire life of MMA.

Mismatches and freakshows. God, they annoy me.

KID is a nice guy. He is very classy now.

The wrestler impressed me too in his first time out, against arguably the #1 p4p fighter in the world.

Kid is a bitch and an asshole, who learned that he needs to put on the act of being classy to increase his marketing potential.

The real Kid is the one that sat there smiling as he continued punching his unconscious opponent in the face as the ref tried in vain to pull him off.

Sadyv makes a good point, Kid has done some really shitty things in MMA. He is not a nice guy, but it was nice to see a bit of sportsmanship from him.

im sure that the fight in shooto which he went crazy, had some bad blood between them...

"Also wanted to say that the Hungarian wrestler is a tough dude. He showed pretty damn good composure for a newbie to MMA."