Kid Is Scary (Vid)

LOL@doing a full interview while the opponent is still out!!

insane knee

bad shoes. cool ko.

"LOL@doing a full interview while the opponent is still out!!"

Yeah, a bit in bad taste but at the same time, its just business/showbiz too.

Its even more lol when you find out what his closing line was: "Yabai, kako sugiru, ore..."

"Dam, I'm just too badass"

Lol. As many clown type japanese fighters there are, there's only one who'd say shit like that.

kid is the man for sure. fakes the right and ko's with the left knee. brutal

Nice vid, he's a bit too cocky and what's up with the tat?



Fastest KO in MMA ever?

There have been a few 3 second KO's recorded.

kid is the best 145 in the world maybe even 155 lb what a perfect knee

Kid is a bad man....a very bad man....

makes it look so easy.....

feinting with the right knee... kid is evolved..

Wow. He is so damn quick. Best 145 pounder in the world and could hang with any 155 pounder also. I would love to see Kid vs Gomi.

watched this live in Tokyo last night.

This is the fastest KO in a major MMA event i believe.

ttt for later

kid's wife is like half indian or persian.

Kid looks hawaiian japanese.

Richard Gere is part japanese I think.

probably why he was in one of kurosawa's flicks.