Kid Peligro Interview Part 2

Hi all,

Just a quick reminder for those who haven't heard yet - part 2 of my interview with MMA Media legend and best selling Author Kid Peligro is out in this Months BLITZ magazine.

Here's a quick sample:

"...LB: What do you think makes a good and credible MMA Journalist?

You've got to have a deep understanding of the sport, what the sport is all about, and you've got to have a love of the sport. The third, what I would almost say is a distant third, is the writing skills. I think if you understand what the sport is all about, and love the sport, the technical writing part you can overcome. The other way around, you can't..."

Huge thanks again to Kid for this opporunity and taking his time to share with me and the readers.





I would love to get my hands on those articles. Please let me know if either you or your princess have any plans to visit LA again soon.

ttt for Luca Beston.

Gary Hughes

He may be kiiiiiinda credible, but if he were a professional he wouldn't be such an excuse machine for his favorites every time they lost. If it weren't for that I might still read his stuff.