Kid/Shiozawa fight: descriptions?

I was wondering how this fight went. I know Kid won a decision, but how did the fight go?

The fight has never been aired in its entirety, to my knowledge. They showed a few clips, mainly with Kid yelling as he stalked Shiozawa and threw bombs (punches and kicks). I would assume most of the fight was spent standing with a few bursts of action.

I always hear you and others praising Shiozawa's skills. I was curious how he did against Kid. On another note, do you think Shiozawa will beat Matsune assuming they fight?

Shiozawa is incredible.

Matsune is a lay and pray master. Shiozawa's guard is great. He keeps his opponents off balance and has superb sweeps. But Matsune no doubt has the better takedowns and could possibly lay on Shiozawa for 3 rounds. But if Shiozawa can get the sweep, Matsune could be fucked.

I'd pick Shiozawa by decision. Even if Matsune doesn't get swept, I don't see him doing any damage at all to Shiozawa on the ground. He'll be too busy keeping his balance. Standing, Matsune throws wild looping punches while Shiozawa's are straight and powerful. His striking clinic against Ikeda was shocking. Ikeda is a good striker, but he got manhandled.

This fight seems likely to happen this year. Let's hope it does. :)

"Matsune is a lay and pray master."

I haven't seen any of his fights, but I always hear that about him on here. And I noticed he has a ton of majority decision wins. All of his fights go to decision. Which would seem to support his lay and pray style.

Who is the number one 132lb contender in shooto? Is it Imaizumi?

Yep, Imaizumi is ranked #1 right now. But he got relocated for his job. Last I heard, he wasn't able to train because of this. So he may not fight again for a long time. Which is a shame.

Shiozawa is ranked #2.

Matsune has had a few really exciting fights, such as against Lincoln Tyler and Ichaku Murata. Every once in a while, he has a spirited and exciting performance. But he's usually just lay and pray. His fight with Oishi was painful to watch.

That is a damn shame about Imaizumi. He can't even support himself by fighting, and he's a top fighter in his class. But that's mma for you.

Wajyutsu Keisyukai has quite a team with Shiozawa, Toida, Uno (think he's still there), and Kadowaki. Who is the head trainer there?

Uno and Ryusuke Moriyama I believe are the head trainers for Wajytsu Keishukai Tokyo Honbu.Look out for Kenji Osawa and Yoh Fukumoto from the WK/Network,they are really good fighters too.

"Look out for Kenji Osawa and Yoh Fukumoto from the WK/Network,they are really good fighters too."

Are they class A fighters?

Shiozawa is awesome.

Most technical fighter in the sport pfp.

very good hands, good takedowns, 2nd best sweeps in the game (behind training partner Hideki Kadowaki) and like all fighters from Wajyutsu has a sick rear naked choke.

BTW for those who don't know, his fight with KID was at 145, Shiozawa now fights at 135.

"Are they class A fighters?"

Fukumoto just recently got promoted to class A. Osawa is close.

"didn't kid KO kadowaki w/ a huge punch from guard?"

Yeah, they have the clip of it on sherdog.