KID vs JENS, thats the fight!

Thats the fight I wanna see!

jens by ko!

I think this would be a great fight for pulver because he would be fighting a smaller guy and Jens would not have a problem banging with him.

Kid has more power in his hands, knees and kicks than Jens in my opinion. He went the distance with Masato in K-1 MAX and also KO'd Takehiro Murahama in K-1 MAX (Who Jens Pulver went the distance with in an MMA fight.)

Kis has the better wrestling as well so if he by some chance gets rocked he can take Jens down.

Kid by KO/TKO round 2

Only people with a shot of beating Kid is Kawajiri & Gomi.

it would be a great fight, regardless on who wins

I agree

i gotta respect kid's kicking abilities but i think jens has him beat in the boxing dept and in punching power. i also think jens has good enough takedown defense that he could avoid the ground if he wanted, not to mention the fact that his grappling is underrated. what is kid's grappling background? i have only seen a couple of his fights, including the awesome k-1 fight with zambidis. i am not a fan of his after seeing 5 people pull him off a semi-conscious opponent.
this is a fight i would like to see

Kid knocked Masato down and lost a decision. Jens was KOd brutally by Bang. Kid has fought at a higher level in striking.

kid by brutal death


genki already lost to kid


by KO

useless are you reading my post on Kakutougi?..... lol just kidding this fight is reading my mind. I dont know who I would pick but it's the fight that should be made

great matchup.

i could definitely see jens beating him.

Jens by KO

kid beats him standing or on the ground IMO

Really, I dislike Kid as a person, but he is an amazing fighter with no real weaknesses.

Incredible wrestler, powerful hands with decent and improving standup, strong chin, good submission defense and brutal GnP, and is probably one of the 5 best athletes in the sport.

Jens has lost to bigger strikers. Gomi, Mach and Bang are all way bigger than he is. The guy is a natural 145er he would be able to handle Kid.

Masato is probably as big as Gomi or Bang. Kid knocked him down and lost a decision. Bang obliterated Jens pretty fast. Masato is lightyears better than Bang standing.