Kid Yamamoto vs Ivan Menjivar Set for UFC 165

Last week, the UFC announced it's plans for Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones' next title defense. Coming off his one-sided, own-toe-breaking demolition of Chael Sonnen at UFC 159, Jones will face Swedish striker Alexander Gustafsson in the main event of UFC 165. Gus is coming off a unanimous decision victory over former champ Mauricio Rua back at UFC on Fox 5. The fight will go down on September 21 at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Canada.

On Wednesday, TVA Sports reported that the event picked up an exciting Bantamweight fight:
 Nancy Audet @naaudet
Le combattant Ivan Menjivar va affronter Norifumi Yamamoto lors du UFC 165 a Toronto a appris @TVASports #ufc
10:00 PM - 19 Jun 2013

Ivan Menjivar is coming off a first round submission loss to Urijah Faber at UFC 157. He's currently ranked at #10 in the 135 lb. division and has gone 4-2 in the UFC. Norifumi Yamamoto hasn't fared nearly as well. He came to the UFC with a lot of hype from his resume in Japan, but has lost all three of his fights with the North American promotion. Chances are that this will be his last shot for success in the UFC.

This is an amazing fight.

So glad that Kid gets another fight...

Nice! Hopefully we see Kid fight to his full potential. It's been a long time. This has got to be the last chance for him. Phone Post 3.0

I don't think I like this. Menjivar is still probably a top 10 or 15 talent and Kid is a shell of his former self. Phone Post

Its a great stylistic matchup for Kid. Phone Post

Great fight. I like Ivan, but I hope Kid finally gets his first UFC win. He needs to go balls to the wall for this one.

The fighter who made me fall in love and start training MMA!!! Phone Post 3.0

Go get'm Ivan! Phone Post 3.0

OnlyTheStrongSurvive - 

I don't think I like this. Menjivar is still probably a top 10 or 15 talent and Kid is a shell of his former self. Phone Post

Huge Kid fan. Hope he finds a way to win, but Ivan is not a good matchup for him.

This pleases me. Phone Post

y didnt kid fight in japan?

Anderson's BBC in my Goku - 

y didnt kid fight in japan?

His last fight was in Japan. Vaughan Lee subbed him.

Eh, Ivan has got this.

I actually like this. I think Ivan will stand with Kid and make it fun. Hoping Kid takes it, but a huge fan of both. Phone Post 3.0

I thought kid got cut ? If he didn't glad hope he can get the w in devastating fashion like he used to ... Man that guy was a fucking warrior and fun to watch ,

Thanks for posting this vu

Tat2 Phone Post 3.0

Not sure why they'd even bother giving KID another chance. He is completely finished as a serious contender and this card isn't in Japan so he's not going to draw anything.

Menjivar will win decisively.

Would've love to seen this a few years ago

Both pioneers and imo two of the best under 140lbs ever 

Trying out for the Japanese wrestling team killed KID's career. The time off, arm injury, and major knee injury he went through added quite a few miles to his body. He can't explode like he used to with one leg. Phone Post 3.0