Kidd Traded!

In the OG Fantasy League I just traded him straight up for Illgauskas.

Im going from worst to first!! (starting with last week's win over WinstonWolf)

lol, fucker


I have tons of PGs and assists arent a problem (Ridnour, Jaric, Sura, and Armstrong), but not enough rebounds or blocked shots, and my FG% sucks.

Now I have a frontcourt of Maggette, Webber, Stoudemire, and Illgauskas.  Watch out!

Damn, I just traded Maggette for D.Howard and S. Claxton!!

My team is totally revamped!

Stoudemire, Illgauskas, Webber, and Howard will pull in tons of pts, rebounds, and blocked shots...

Jaric, Ridnour, and Claxton will get me tons of steals and assists....

Korver pours in the threes

Im going from last place to first!!!


You're gonna kill motherfuckers!!

Nice trades Grappler...I want to make some moves but I am too afraid.

I also need Jermaine O Neal to come back..

And Winston Wolf has given me my only winning week yet :)

I think these trades should move me up.

All I want is to make the playoffs, then its a new season.

ya u won but im in 3rd and didnt have Baron Davis This week Im going against the #1 team

how many teams make playoffs ???

I just checked.

Only SIX make the playoffs.

Ive got a lot of work to do!

ill be in the top 6