Kiddie Predator in Chief at it again: "How old are you, 14?"

More a sign that hes losing his shit than he is a pedo. Maybe he was making a joke, but i wouldnt be surprised if he really couldnt tell the difference based on some of the other stuff ive seen of him.


It’s like part of Joes brain just jams up in the presence of young girls

Little girl’s instincts were on point
She was clearly on alert and creeped out by Biden

Her mom was gritting her teeth, praying Biden woyldnt make it awkward amd creepy

Well I will give him credit for not trying to fondle her tits. Perhaps he’s learning restraint.

There’s so much more that he wants to do in that room. You can see it in his eyes. He’s got that look, play with toys, draw, sniff some kid, or bounce a ball. It’s really his dream situation.

What is with how close he gets to that chick when he shakes her hand, sniffing range every time.

Why does he always ask little girls if they are teens? Is he stupid, does he think it’s funny, does he consider it some sort of compliment or is it something deeper seated in his brain that creeps out when he’s around young girls?

Joe thinks it’s still 1920 when the age of consent was 14.

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