Kidnap any fighter ever

And put him in the middle of a huge compound, that has levels and hallways.. Have it filled with guys who are non athletic and terrible at fighting and have them try to keep the fighter inside the compound by fighting him. Video the whole thing. Let's say there is at least 100 dudes. The fighter gets to take a break with water and energy bars after every guy or two. Who would u want to see fight thru this hallway kumite? Phone Post 3.0

Renan Barao... Or Double Dragon concept, I say Renan Barao and JDS for pure entertainment, power, and skilled destruction. Phone Post 3.0

Alastair overeem would be the most entertaining I think Phone Post 3.0

Carlos. That guy should be an action movie star. Phone Post 3.0

Mark Hunt or Vitor Belfort. Phone Post 3.0

Prime Chuck or Hendo. Even better if they had a hammer to use too. Phone Post 3.0

Gina Carano Phone Post 3.0

Chuck Norris, and don't insult him with Power bars or water.

Shogun Phone Post 3.0

Wanderlei Phone Post 3.0

Fedor walks out with 100 arms Phone Post 3.0

I see this playing out like Hotline Miami...

Old school I'd say Ruas or Frey.

Now, I'd say Vitor, or Pettis.

Overall, the answer is GENKI SUDO!!!!!!

BTW: What a weird ass question.

I like it.

Clay guida. Really test that cardio. Phone Post 3.0

I was thinking a healthy anderson silva could Bruce lee his way thru.

Broke fitch perhaps.

Cung le would be pretty awesome tho. Phone Post 3.0

Vitor and wanderlei (double dragon) Phone Post 3.0

The Gumball Kid - Mighty Mouse, I'll keep him in my shirt pocket everywhere I go...and if there is ever any trouble...I'll be the one yelling WorldStar at the end of the day

Legit lol at this one

JDS, Hendricks, or Hunt, for the effortless string of KO's.

Machida or Spider for action movie moves and overall awesomeness.

Cain for the rugged bloody Carnage.