Kids and the MMA?

Just thought I would share an article about mma, wwe, and the whole
"extreme" culture of personality being created under what many of us
do as sport or for fitness and well-being.



the link doesn't work. :(

Its just being hit allot I guess as it opens once in a while.

Its an article on all the teen "fight clubs" being held throughout the

I think someone posted a bit of this on the UG.

I still can't find it. :(

Sounds like the USA is becoming the new Brazil! Brazil had similar problems, but I heard it was worse.

Are those teens trained though? Like, do they train under a gym or legitimate trainer?

definitely sweet

@Paul: Even if kids selfregulate, they are likely not to have the medical training required.

I have a couple new guys at my gym that are 20-ish and athletic. They like to wail on the heavybag for an hour after class with NO technique, but with crazy endurance.

I found out after a couple of weeks that one of them ran a backyard fightclub (and the other was a member).

With that said, they are both very open-minded guys, and are becoming very, very coachable. (They are also calming down very quickly...)

Without good parenting, kids will always act out, be it MMA, or "Doom", or gangs.

4 Ranges is correct

"4R, there are plenty of bad people that come from "good" families."

Coming from a good family doesn't mean that a child has received good parenting.

Good parenting is an acquired skill.

"I am sick of hearing the sob stories of pedophiles, rapists, and other shitballs who blame some childhood episode for their behavior."

Actually 100% of criminal pedophilse have been abused in their childhood. While not all become abusers, this isn't something that people from a good family do.

"Without good parenting, kids will always act out, be it MMA, or "Doom", or gangs."

Very true. And good parenting including not just ones parents but also ones coaches, teachers, mentors, etc

twinkie, aren't you worried that you may be teaching solid fighting skills to bad people?

"Can you tell me how a good family could involve bad parenting? Oxymoronic imo."


You can be a good person (generous, kind, loving) and lack good parenting skills (establishing authority WITH love, knowing when to hold firm and when to bend, etc.).

Paul Newman, from what I understand, is one of the kindest, most generous people you'll ever meet. I heard that he contributes 100% of his "Newman's Own" income to charities. He has he own organization for special kids, "Hole in the Wall Gang."

He had admitted that he was a lousy father to his son, Scott Newman, who died of a drug overdose.

No problemo Paul. :)

We have lots of kids fighting "MMA" over here. After school, on the beach, etc. Fighting is so "normal" here, that it becomes just like playing basketball after school.

4 Ranges: It could be of course that he does so much for kids because he realised how lousy a father he was.


could be that too, but from what I understand he was always a first class individual in Hollywood and in the community, even when he was top dog.

I know too many good people who aren't great with their kids.

I also know a lot of people who are just straight out rude and borderline criminal...but watching them with their kids even I have to admit they're EXCELLENT parents.

I'm wondering the same thing as Jon. Maybe you opening yourself up to some nasty litigation. Especially in light of the fact that you knowingly train guys who are involved in this type of activity. Believe me if someone gets hurt and lawyers get involved they will go after everybody! You got insurance to cover that?