Kids BJJ Class Help

I've been asked to help teach a kids class in BJJ. These kids are aged 7-14. What kid of drills and techs would you do with them. Any other advice would be helpfull. I've never seen a kids class in action.

what I do with my kids ( 9 @ 10) they start with one person mounted, the person mounted bumps and rolls into the guard, they he passes the guard to side mount, from the side position he gets the mount and the drill starts all over again. I have my kids do this for 5 minutes before starting to work them, and they seem to like it , nice warm up to!


Check out our PAW set if you get the chance. Its a 3 tape VHS set on coaching kids in the MMA but has tons of drills for Bjj and grappling. Our kids just took first place at the US NAGA Nationals again and the material in the set is exactly what are classes look like and approach the subject with.

More information and testimonials at:

Here is a video clip of the set:

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Looks like your kids have a lot of fun. How long are the tapes. $120US is a lot for a poor Canadian. (remember that's about $200 for us) Anybody with a review of these. Any other ideas


One thing we have done with kids is using a big ball like you see at walmart and have the kids hug the ball as they roll forward and so on in order to get the kids use to doing break falls when being thrown without having them put their arms out. its fun for the kids and pratical for learning. We also use what we call the tree drill where the instructor stands and the kids have to move around us using their legs and arms but cant touch the ground.It teaches them good grips and how to use their legs as hooks just some ideas for you.


The tapes are about 90 minutes each.

Testimonials and reviews are on teh sire itself.


Get a hold of Justin @ he has a great kids program and an outstanding MMA cirriculum(sp)


We just teach our kids the basics. No submissions under 10years.

We do "King of the Mat drills"... eg Get the takedown (must hold partner down)... Escape Mount... Escape side control... etc.

Make it fun.


Kids like "fun" jokes, learning, trying new things, "playing games" frequently, getting promoted. "being singled out and exceling infront of class and parents". ect..