Kids class starting soon


I have observed many classes at this school. The instructors appear to be genuinely concerned for the well being of the young students. Typcially, the kid's classes have included a warm-up period to increase student's conditioning and to ensure their bodies are safely prepared for techniques. Under careful supervision, a technique or two are demonstrated and practiced. Basic techniques ensure a sold foundation is in place upon which to build when the student is ready. It appears there is substantial emphasis on control not only of one's opponent but also of one's actions. The children I have seen taking classes at Wagnney Fabiano's school are certainly having fun while learning BJJ. Finally, I sense that children that are less competitive are welcomed and easily accommodated as are those on the opposite end of the spectrum. RESPECT is underscored at all times.

For more information call 905-856-0347 or 416-744-6868 and ask to speak to Josh.

He can also be reached by email at

TTT can't wait

I will bring by my nephew he is 8. His already pretty slick on the ground.