Kids need to wear masks later this month

Everyone has a doorbell camera or porch camera these days. How are kids supposed to smash pumpkins, throw eggs and toilet paper homes and and landscaping in this home surveillance state?

I hope any kids that go out for mischief night take precautions and wear masks. If you catch some kids smashing your pumpkin because your dog clues you in to their arrival or you see them while going to a car or taking the trash out then they deserve to get caught or chased. Now if you catch them because you used a doorbell camera and identified them after the fact well then that is just cheating and you are pretty much as bad as the CCP.

Last year I put a ton pf pumpkins out.

Not one got stolen, smashed or defaced.

Nothing at all.

I was really disappointed with the youth in my subdivision.

Meanwhile parents got shitfaced and went swimming naked and there was a mini scandal about it.

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Someone smashed my Colts pumpkin one time when I lived in TN.

I’ve not seen or heard of anyone having any issues in my neighborhood on Mischief Night either, it is disappointing. When I was in high school in the 90’s it was a pretty big social event sophomore through senior year.