Kids Send Fake Texts To Parents (pics)




Didn't expect to, but I laughed at a few lol. Makes me wanna text my mom and see how she reacts?...


This looks familiar....

I like how some of those kids accidentally got themselves in deep shit


LOL!!!!  My Mom would have a heart attack because she knows the lingo working as a Pharmacist Tech.

Lol I didn't mean to have you Phone Post 3.0

As a parent I would still be pissed after I found out it was a joke and also more than a little suspicious. The things that pass for humor.......

Holy shit some of those are hilarious, what a great idea.

Dude stole the idea from former "revenge porn" guru Hunter Moore. That mofo used to do this shit on twitter all the time.

I like #3 how they are asking if they have money for grandma. Buying 2 new grams for $40? Phone Post 3.0

Hahaha my mom would ask if that's a good price and if she should get some for dad.... Bahahahahahaha Phone Post 3.0

So every single one of them has an iPhone? Seems fishy. Phone Post 3.0

WithoutSpoilersdotCom - great idea... but after reading the first 5 or 6... most of them seemed fake to me

And you are only allowed to try this trick on an iPhone, evidently.

Mark Phone Post 3.0

Fuck you Brian! ! Phone Post 3.0

I liked the momma bear one. Telling him he's overpaying. Lol Phone Post 3.0

Sounds terrible.

My dad would have been like 2 grams!? Nigga I can go and get you a quarter pound for $600

I love the one that buys the bs story then offers to put money in his account. haha Phone Post 3.0

Grammar books ... Genius! Phone Post 3.0

Idea was stolen from Hunter Moore. Dude used to make people eat shit and post it on twitter for free shirts. Phone Post 3.0

In for later Phone Post 3.0

FUCK YOU BRIAN Phone Post 3.0