Kids TMA Great Falls, VA???

A friend of mine wants to get his son into martial arts and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations of a reasonable and quality academy. The kid is 5 years old and he's just looking to get him into something he'll like so probably a TMA school would be best at this point.

He went to a TKD place called "Lead By Example" and it was a McDojo and a half. The guy wanted $139 a month for 2 times a week TKD lessons for a 5 year old. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

One Spirit Martial Arts in Herndon is a great school and has kids jiu-jitsu and muay thai

I'm not really sure about the prices though

Yeah, I checked out the website, but says 8 is about the youngest and this kid is only 5. Thanks though, I appreciate the effort :)

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 Try  Capital Jiu Jitsu, they have two locations, one in Old Town Alexandria and one at Loudoun County/Dulles 606 at Route 50

Hope this helps.

Judo is usually very inexpensive (I pay $45/month for my kids - 1x/week or $60/mth for 2x/week). At 5 years old, you really want to teach him balance & co-ordination which Judo does a great job teaching. It also gives them a natural strength because of all the grappling.
My kids also do BJJ (which is my sport) 1x/week, but I just started them this year. The combination of the 2 arts is making them very formidable at either DoJo.