Kiguchi Dojo

Can anyone tell me the deal with Akira Kiguchi? I understand that he was a high level wrestler and was exposed to high level judo players but where did he gain his submission knowledge from? I recall hearing something about training with Fujiwara possibly.

I have seen the Kiguchi Dojo instructional set and clearly he knows what he is doing. He has produced several very good Submission guys (Sato, Gomi, Uematsu). Any info would be appreciated.

Akira Kikuchi is a KILLER BEES fighter. Noriaki Kiguchi is owner of Kiguchi Gym.

Kiguchi trained with Satoru Sayama, and Victor Koga (popularizer of Cambo in Japan along with Kashiwazaki).

He has a great set of instructionals... and his athletes look in great shape

Where can I find these Kiguchi instructionals?

They came out some time ago. I don't know where they are available at this time. They are cool to see but I wouldn't pay too much for them. Rumina is on them sparring a bit. They also show several wrestling drills but nothing too innovative.

I prefer the instructional segments on the What Is Combat Wrestling tape. ALso put out by the Kiguchi Dojo.

Thanks man.