kikskin gloves vs. txmma gloves?

txmma offer great prices...and kikskin is highly rated...which one is more beneficial? Plus...whass the difference between the OZ??? Does getting hit with an 8 oz worst than a 4 oz???


A lot of shows don't allow kikskin gloves anymore. I would check woth some other fighters in your area to see if they know.

Kikskin gloves are hard/solid as hell. I have seen some people dish out some real beatings with them. But they are a little heavier than the normal 4 oz gloves. So your hand speed is a little bit slower. I would say if you can wear them in the shows in your area, DO IT. Train with them and a heavier glove so that your hand speed stays quick, though.


Just talk to the TXMMA adviser...he says the Kikskin product is made by the same manufacter.

i hear kikskin are great.

the txmma gloves are the KOTC or Ouano style but at a better price. Fuck paying 60 dollars for 4oz. gloves. Txmma for the price and quality.

Should training be done (safe training) with 4, 6, or 8 oz. gloves? If it's not hardcore training, is 4 oz. too little protection?

just don't hit as hard. w/ bigger gloves comes a less realistic and less efficient grappling game. the bigger the glove, the less effective grappling.

fairtex's new open palm nhb gloves are bad ass too. ttt

I own the Kikskin's and have used the TXMMA gloves. I think the TXMMA ones are better built, will last longer, are more comfortable, are easier to grapple in... Basically, the TXMMA ones are way better.

Southfan...I haven't done much MMA training...but I was advise by Mike Accosta...Yamasaki ex muy thai instructor to not to punch hard on the ground. It's more about the control once the fight hits the ground...I believe in old skool BJJ/VALE TUDO training...they would use light slaps...especially when a Black Belt was skooling another student. Cause once you got control or dominate position...not much the other guy can do...he's fucked.

I haven't used the kikskins, but I have used the txmma. The txmma gloves are awesome.

Thanks HEMAN. Everyone seems to like the txmma gloves. $25 sounds like a steal.

Thanks for the good words guys. Yes, I use the same manufacturer that a lot of "big names" use. Only my markup is MUCH less obviously. And, (plug here) dont forget I have a deal for 2 pairs for $50 shipped, which also includes Airmail to most countries. any luck a few shows here and there might be using my gloves by summer. :)Paul

arclight, is that deal on all sizes this time??


Yes, all sizes for this deal, any 2 pair mix and match.

I'm out of L already though. :(




I need Large. Any idea when you'll get more in stock?

When will you be getting in the 8oz.? Will you have the mix and match deal with them? (Get one pair of regular and one of the 8oz.)