Kikuchi vs Sam Morgan result...

Kikuchi armbarred Morgan in 2:51 of round 1.

Sounds like Kikuchi really is a submission wizard when it involves your arms.

Tough one for Sammy. He will be back. He is still very young and has lots of potential. Stepping up to that level of competition will be a good learning experience. All the best to Sammy for the future.



damn. I have really become a Sam Morgan fan over the past year. Was really hoping he would pull this one off.

That's too bad, but Fred's right. Sammy's tough as nails, for sure, and should be able to shake this off.


5 of Akira's 7 wins have been via some sort of arm submission.


Oh well... Sam will be back. He is a great fighter.

Sam is young and talented and has loads of potential... He took the bout on Short notice (as did Kickuchi) so it was not the ideal situation to go into the fight...

He is for real