Kikuno-Alvarez neck crank

was I the only one who seemed to notice how much that neck crank bothered Alvarez? When he first got out, it was like his equilibrium was off or something, he seemed almost dizzy and like he was a bobble head, his neck just wasn't really holding his head up. And Kikuno landed some good shots at this point, I thought if he really attacked he might get the KO.

Alvarez seemed to recover well after that, however, the entire fight and after fight he seemed hunched over, unable to lift his head straight up. I bet his neck was really jacked up and kinked in that position.

Helluva fight tho, he really gutted it out.

dam, good fight.

the neck crank def had eddie gimped for a bit, then alvarezs guillotine took a lot out of kikuno.

good win for eddie.

Yeah I noticed that too, he went all hunch back or something and was all backing away like it messed him up

I agree great fight, Kikuno is no joke either

that was a nice crucifix and Eddie still didn't tap, and yea it almost looked like his neck was stuck in that position for a minute

Alvarez is awesome

Eddie looked a bit shellshocked after that, at the end of the first round he took a hard crescent kick to the body. I really thought Kikuno was going to put that fight away... great comeback from Alvarez

caposa it almost looked like his neck was stuck in that position for a minute

I think it was stuck in that position for the rest of the fight. I never saw him lift his head more than that.