Killer Back workouts?????????????

Does anybody have any suggestions for an intense back workout?? Upper and lower....


wide-grip pull-ups(with or w.out additional weights),chin-ups.dumbell shrugs and one-arm rotational cable/band pull.

1 leg bent and 1 arm bent over rows, 1 legged deadlifts, any over head work (clean and press, snatch, etc.), and pull ups.


legion X is correct.

sorry for such a vague and lame thread :)

rows, pullups and deadlifts...simple compound movements will yield the highest return.

no-one can see your back. Stick to bi's and chest like the rest of us.

LOL @ juninho

yeah...chest flyes, concentration curls, those are what will make you huge and strong. those and some lateral raises. Don't forget the Ab Rocker too.

livewireqz has bombed and blitzed the correct.