Killer Bee Custom Gi Special

I don't think I can remember the last time I ordered a new jiujitsu gi, but I think I might be ready to order one. I know these guys get some good reviews, and they have a presence here on the message board. I think I want to get in on this custom gi special that they are offering, but I thought of an idea that would make this process a lot . easier.

What if they had a virtual gi that would give you an approximation of how the gi would look with all your specs entered in? That would be so cool, then you would have a really good idea before placing the order, if you would like it or not. Just a thought.

Still contemplating the order, and to be honest, I kind of want to order two, but can't really justify it..... :)

"The Winter edition also brings a whole new level of customization as I allow customers the ability to adjust the key dimensions for a gi. Skirt length, sleeve length, pant length, and wing span." Phone Post

I would love to build something with Flash or HTML 5 that would build a Gi before your eyes. Color, length, stitching, etc but KillerBeeGi funds are limited. If you are an aspiring developer and would like to do a project like this let me know. I pay in gi's unfortunately. Phone Post

haha, if I was I would still take you up on it. Placed my order last night anyways. Jut thought that would be a pretty cool feature for your website. Hope no jack hole steals my idea......

I actually have a vector template I put together that allows you to change fabric color, stitching color, rope color, add linings and patches, etc with one click each. I set it up in Illustrator but I think the elements could be saved out and put into an HTML set up that would change each individual element from presets. Killerbee, if you're interested, let me know.

Thanks. I am looking at java scripting the whole thing. I have been using Illustrator as well. Could you email me a screenshot of what you have? It might save me a lot of time.

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Do I get a cut?.... ;) Phone Post

Can you order different color lapel? Also, I see measurements for length but not width...

Not yet in regards to lapel color. But in the future yes. As to width I probably will not as most of the issues for a non fitting Gi seem to revolve around pants to short/long, skirt too short/long, and sleeves to short/long. You should be able to use one of the standard sizes for chest and modify the other dimensions to make fit.

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