Killer Sanda KO (Vid link)

Can't hot link form this computer, but it's worth it...



dumbest ring design ever.

In slomo it looks like the guy didn't hurt his neck. Does anyone know about this incident?

fucking moronic ring design. the guy could have snapped his neck

ha ha ha ha ha lol

That ring design is the traditional Chinese "lei tai" fighting platform. Chinese contests often use that as opposed to the modern ring, in accordance with tradition.

Maxximus is correct. Also note that the person who got KOed would traditionally have fallen into a pit filled with lava, spikes, crocodiles or endless nothingness, so even though the video looks bad overall it could definitely have been a lot worse 20 years ago.

that platform is teh reason why sanda put so much emphasis in throwing techniques

LOL@Mike Sanders

Can you throw your opponent out of the ring ala virtual fighters?


WOW is correct... hahaha


I think they have dropped the raised platform due to injuries?

In the US, we got rid of the platform because of injuries (and because you can't sell "ringside" seats wen a guy may land in your lap LOL). It is still done in China but only among amateurs