KillerBeeGI.Com 20% Off For Black Friday

Hello all, I hope you all had a nice holiday. We are offering 20% off for Black Friday. Please use promocode BLACK20 do get the 20% off. Thanks for your business!

Killer Bee Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Kimonos

Best gi and service on the market right now IMO and about the only place you can get a quality PLAIN gi.

My favorite gi. Just ordered two pants to replace other brands that ripped.

Ttt, plan on getting one this weekend. Is that deal only for today or does it extend through cyber monday?? Phone Post

Good product! Thanks for the coupon Phone Post

Ends on Tuesday. 12:01am. Phone Post

Ttt Phone Post

Hey was gonna get my folks to get me a pair for Chirstmas, but $60.00 for shipping was a bit steep unfortunately...

Haha after looking at other prices, even with the shipping the gi is still quite cheap. :) Thought it'd be cool to be a beekeeper with a killer bee gi!

Carry on good sir

Where do you put promo code? It didn't give me an option.

Ryan Thatcher - Where do you put promo code? It didn't give me an option.

If I remember correctly, it's the last thing you do before you pay.

It expired yesterday which is why the box is no longer there to enter a code. I have up a new code for the holidays. It is HOHOHO for 10% off. Phone Post