Killing Fileds at ICON

Well Ronnie Fields, Tyler Combs, and myself are all going to Icon feb 9th.

should be some upsets and exitement, thanks UGers

check out myspace

I'll see you fellers out there!

TTT for !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

..Me to :)



hey trevor, who r u guys fighting?

best of luck!!!!!


whos tyler fighting.

tyler is fighting KOLO KOKA

im fighting mr. lawler.
should be a exiting fight

"exiting" mr garrett? holy moly...

Lawler vs Garrett, talk about a slugfest!

it will be very exiting.

Ho cuz, scrap was mean.

i could see trevor with a combination flying triangle / heel hook finishing move

thanks todd. it might just be a flying somthing,lol.
Well i will see you guys tomm. If my daughter says so, lol.

I thought Koka was fighting someone else? The FCTV thread said he was? I am confused...

me too.