Kim "Sugar Free" Couture Pro MMA Debut (vid)

It's out. Click here to download.


Is it just me or did Randy look about 10 years younger in that post fight interview?

what in the hell is that hairstyle? I am no fashion queen but that 'do has GOT to go.

Seriously, did someone actually train her in takedown defense? That was god awful.

Good for her that she won, though.

i was there and really was not too impressed. you could see it in her face that she didnt like getting hit. she did put a nice little knot on Jessicas head lol. they also had to be stood up multiple times.

im not on the hate bandwagon though so i wish her luck and congrats on the win!

 Now she has one more fight that 99% of the posters on the UG.  Good on her.  She's walked the walk.

Nice vertical suplex by Cruz

I'm in no way defending her, and agree with those that say it's not necessarily fair that she's getting more coverage than more established women fighters, but it's her first fight for crissakes. I agree that she has a lot of work to do, but doesn't it seem like she's got a pretty good camp to learn from?

Wasn't a pretty fight, but what do u expect from someone stepping into her first pro MMA fight with no prior ring experience besides ONE friggin MT smoker? In the end she won a decisive victory, and you really can't ask for much more in your first fight. I don't like her by any means, but she does at least deserve credit for caring enough about MMA to compete herself. And as someone else already pointed out, she now has one more pro MMA fight than the vast majority of posters here will ever have.

I wanna see our very own Roxy call her out and beat her down!

I am just curious how everyone else's first pro fight went??

This was a amateur fight not a pro fight. I checked with Chael Sonnen who is the promoter of this event to make sure they were not doing Pros!

She did great for her fight MMA fight!

TTT for later


 What's happened to Randy, man? lol

Damn, Randy is too Hollywood for me these days.

Seamus619 - I wanna see our very own Roxy call her out and beat her down!

 Great logic, have a PRO call out and beat down an AMATUER!



Too funny...