Kimbo at 205?

He's not that big of a HW. He weighed in at 230 last night wearing about 2 lbs., so I'd guess 228. Most LHWs are what, 220 - 225?

Do you think he'd be better off at LHW?

well he wouldn't have to worry about 260lb men sitting on him for 9 minutes straight, that much is for sure.

but would a 225lb man be able to do the same thing to him? sure.

it's mostly about his lack of skill not size. he might do better, but against fighters like anderson, little nog, lyoto, rashad, rampage, hendo, franklin, thiago silva, jardine, forrest, vera, matt hammill, shogun, mark coleman, tito, he doesn't really have anywhere to go in the division except stay at the bottom as a gatekeeper

 Seth was scheduled at 205 I think when they met. You see how that went. He will never be good , thats it.

Cutting 20 pounds of weight is no easy task for someone not used to doing it. Kimbo's cardio is already in question. A big weight cut would not really help him any.

He isnt losing fights cause the guys are bigger. He is losing because he is a one dimensional fighter.

Kimbo's success in the UFC relies on two things:

1) Carefully handpicked opponents with no wrestling/ground game and striking so bad Kimbo's looks good in comparison.

2) Dan Miragliotta refereeing/Cecil Peoples judging.

he would lose easily against the top 15......easily