Kimbo = Bull

I am so sick of the Kimbo supporters I am about to vomit. That video was fake, why can't people use some of their remaining brain cells and figure that out. The part when the guy tries to hit Kimbo is bogus. He isn't even connecting with hard punches. Its fake and predetermined. I would rather see Gannon fight the Rock. Maybe you guys also believe he is legit!

He reminds me more of Abobo on the old Double Dragon arcade game.

I agree... the video was fake. That guy's eye hanging out...I've seen better make-up jobs at Church carnival haunted houses.

it was work

Kimbomaina is runnin' wild...

Anyone who thinks that "eye injury" wasn't a poor makeup job is smoking crack.

someone post a pic of the eye

you guys are idiots if you think that was fake

he'll crush all fighters here, so quit yapping

the thread title is correct Kimbo does = Bull

he's a bull that would knock you eye out and then shit in the empty socket

dont f with him

That guys eye is still 3 inches into his face...He declined surgury after the fight.

How the FUCK are you sick of anything at 11 posts?

csc is correct! LOFL!

And NOBODY defames Kimbo! Show some fucking respect!


Responding to all the bullshit once again. Yea I have posted 11 times but I have read the threads for over a year now. You guys are crazy and I repeat CRAZY if you think that video was real. The people that made the video also make porno. They got busted for making videos that said they were not actresses and the porn was from real encounters. It turned out not to be. Anyhow watching the video Kimbo has decent stand up but Gannon will whoop the black off Kimbo once he is done with him!

Heres the pic asked for


IMO it could very well be fake or make up but it could also be for real, the video isnt good enough to tell.

I do know if my eye was hanging out like that I damn sure wouldnt have a smile on my face

Gannon is a real fighter.... you know he actually fights opponents who fight back and not some guy who runs to the make up chair between scenes. Why did the camera go away from the guy after the fight..... it didn't show his eye till after. Also its very suspicous that the angle of the camera makes it impossible to see if the punch really at his eye.
Bull Shit if you ask me.

what was kimbo in for?

How the FUCK are you sick of anything at 11 posts?

LOL@ csc

the video is not fake and that is not his eye hanging out of his face it is the glare from the blood on his face. if you watch the video and have ever been in or around real fights with people who know how to fight that kind of damage is inflicted often and just as quickly.

Kimbo will destroy Gannon.

LMAO @ csc .... quickly verifying this pathetic but true fact