Kimbo fight fixed!

Why would a wrestler like Thomson let that key lock go when that's their normal bread and butter??????? For that matter, why would he bother standing with a streetfighter like Kimbo. 1 word, 1 answer, fixed!!!!!

Then they wouldn't stop the fight when Kimbo was down and out, but stop it when Thomson is still on his feet.

This is everyone's chance to rave about how Kimbo has NOW PROVEN himself.

What a farking joke!!!

I never say fix but that was shit.

Thompson had Kimbo done at the end of 2 and just stopped punching all together.

I think Thompson's lack of cardio lost him that fight.

 A minute and a half on top, with openings everywhere...


You gotta wonder if they're just padding the Kimbo legend


 Would a wrestler not drain that ear before fighting?  This was a carnival show.

Kimblow sucks!

I agree with everyone who is more than likely disappointed in what transpired tonight, and see it as nothing but a work. I will make the following comments.

For one, I was extremly disappointed in the smith/lawler fight getting stopped. I mean, seriously, what the hell. It was a great fight and they stopped it over that, come on. From what I think, it was because they overshot their TV time and had not showcased their worthless super star. So they had to figure out a way to cut it short, which they did. Thats my opinion. The only good thing about it was that Shaw paid both men their win bonus, which is stand up at least.

As for the Kimbo fight, I knew one way or another that he would win, cause I honestly thought that they would offer Thompson a butt load of money to lose the fight, make it look competitive, but loss in the end.

Come on, Thompson is a proven fighter and can work the ground game and to get reversed like that by Kimbo "My fights are works" Slice, come on. Secondly, he had him dominated could have subbed his arm, didnt. Other than that, when he had him pinned down with no defense, was he unloading with heavy shots, the man is huge and it looked like he was just peppering him. What the hell was that all about.

As far as I am concerned, Elite XC should hang their head in shame for trying to market such a joke as Kimbo, I think he should take some serious time away from the game of MMA, train for maybe a year or more, then come back, when he is ready to go. To call him a sensation and a super star after one, beating up on a can, secondly, beating an over the hill (I had to use the term in reference to any fighter, but out of shape bum) Tank Abbott. They call him a superstar, I mean, what a crock of shit, total work. Fans should be disappointed in the stoppage, even their own commentators said it themselves, horrible stoppage. Doesn't leave much to guessing that it was from the beginning meant to be a complete work, to market their golden boy.

Next time, play up and pump up your real fighters, the ones that put on amazing fights, like Lawler/Smith, Shields, Melendez, and so on, and let Kimbo work his way up like every other fighter, from the undercard, to the main card, and maybe if he is worth it, main event.

I can honestly see Elite XC getting bit in the ass if they try to continue in selling this crap to us. I mean, even casual fans aren't stupid.

That's alot to say, but man am I pissed after wasting the time to watch that.

Very disappointing stoppage (or lack thereof in the 2nd round) 

Will retort on the wrestler commment. I knew little about the guy, but the ear lead me to believe he was a wrestler. Either way, letting that key lock go was the tell (among others).

It needs to be fixed ,it is surely broken !