kimbo fight plus jorge part2

here yall go...



ttt for later

What happened? I can't see this fight on my sidekick phone

dammit those bouncing tities almost got me fired

still, thanks for the link Iceberg!!!

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iceberg thanks a lot for the fight, everybody was waiting for this fight..

Jorge vs Ray:

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Wow... watching the fight now.

That looks like the house of the original fight "sans metal thing".

Can you imagine a bunch of these guys fighting in your neighbors house? I hope when I buy a house, these guys have fights so I can watch over my fence. Not sure what it'll do for property values though :-p

Jorge is the man!

Guys, its not like these fights happened yesterday. I wouldnt be suprised if these fights are literally years old. Jorge is a professional MMA fighter in BODOG now. Jorge would have made that fight easier on himself had he used the jab and body work he did in the first fight.

I think their first fight was a bit more entertaining, but that one was pretty decent as well. Thanks Iceberg!!!

Ur all welcome...glad u enjoyed..

Jorge also had Avellan in his corner for this one. He recently left FFA for ATT, so this is probably a month old (at least).

thanks iceberg, those both 2 fight were more entertaining than that wack k-1 show

thanks for the fights Great entertainment

Kimbo is getting so old. I hope Mercer kills him.

Anyone else hear the truck of an icecream man in the background?