kimbo is my age! wtf??

was watching the fight and they put up the stats...

kimbo is 33 years old!!!


I, being 33, feel old as dogshit now.

but man, kimbo's lookin a bit quadragenarian there

I guess all those years of yeast manipulation will take it out of you.

Im thinking Kimbo is more like 38 to 40ish.

I've met him. He's huge, has a thick ass beard, and shaves the top of his head bald. This will make ANYONE look old. His face does NOT look old at all. About 30ish sounds right.

wtf Art Vanderfloogen is back?!

Shave the top of your head bald and grow a foot long beard, then see how old you look.


Kimbo Slice real name Kevin Ferguson (born c. 1976) is a Miami, Florida-based underground street fighter turned mixed martial arts fighter. He has appeared in several bare-knuckle fights which have spread primarily on the Internet. It is a career Kimbo has since given up and is now putting his efforts to being a professional mixed martial arts fighter.

Slice has worked as a bodyguard for RK Netmedia, a Miami pornography production/promotion company responsible for number of popular adult subscription websites, such as MILF Hunter and In The VIP. [1] Rolling Stone has stated his age at 31 (in 2007) and called Slice "The King of the Web Brawlers".[1] His current bare-knuckle fighting record is 7-1. Ferguson was a star defensive player for Miami Palmetto High School in the Pinecrest area of Miami, Florida. Although he was recruited to play football in college, he went on to the University of Miami on academic scholarship and he did not play football for them. He was only there for a year and a half.

He's 31. They announced 33 was a mistake.

Kimbo went to the University of Miami on an academic scholarship?

LOL- I would never had guessed it.

what is yeast manipulation

also thats incredible he is obviously a pretty smart guy to get a full academic ride to miami

holy shit, he's younger than me now?


puts head in toilet

He took AP Physical Education in high school.

Thug life makes one look older.

40's to 50 that guys looks old....and is very slow for a hw

You should fight him cannon i actually think youd pull it off. If you come to fight it would be a good one.

"Are you sure he's just not BALD? So he just shaves the top of his head and leaves the rest long? I can't think of a reason someone would want to look like that"

In a different post someone said he shaves his head because of this gang he belongs to, not sure if it's true or not.

that must be one odd looking gang

i always thought Kimbo must be at least 40.

lol@just shaving the top of your head to be in a gang

"that must be one odd looking gang"

I know huh

someone do a photoshop of that image lol