Kimbo link...


I obviously miss way too much fun on the Underground, seeing as I only surf the Canadian one.

I missed the whole Kimbo episode. Does anyone have the link to the vid?

this kimbo slice  I can't belive you never saw this!!! It sure was cool to meet you. next time I hope to see you when your not to busy.



Abdullah 'Kimbo' Byrd... the next great heavyweight.

Get him his bread, Joe.


its like watching 2 grizzly bears!


Ask anyone who knows me if I'm ever NOT busy. I'm always doing

I'll stop when MMA is as big as boxing...until then, there's work to be done.

Joe, stop running the water in the bathroom so much. No one needs to wash their hands that many times. People are beginning to suspect something is up.

Your friend


What did I tell you about skipping your medication? save it for you to sell on the street?

Not that stuff...the OTHER stuff?

This is how a Dougie eat...


Whoa...just saw the clip.

That dude got messed up bad. Kimbo can throwdown.

Yep, you have to wonder what he'd do in the octagon though.

I'd love to see him vs a toughman contest though. Those two going at it would not be MMA.

MMA...I'd like to see him vs Fedor or Barnett, but that wouldn't be fair.